I guess everyone has been obsessing over tacos for quite a while now. And as I include myself on that list, I’ve been trying to make my tacos yummier every time. The last thing I’ve worked on is this amazing mango relish. Honestly, the tacos don’t need anything else, as it adds freshness and fruity flavors to the dish! Because I’m amazed myself at how this turned out, I’ve decided to share the recipe! Ingredients… View Post

After getting a few tips from my sister’s boyfriend who’s a chef, I was able to make the prettiest and yummiest poached eggs for eggs benedict! I did try to make the poached eggs a few times before, but it is definitely harder than it looks. However, yesterday I was able to find all the ingredients and today was the first day making this gorgeous and yummy dish! What you need? FRESH eggs Whole Grain… View Post

One of my favorite meals eveeeerrrrrr is from the Encanto Restaurant at the Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton Reserve here in Puerto Rico. This fabulous dish is just tacos, made up of mahi mahi, purple cabbage, mango relish and avocado sauce. But they are sooooooo fresh, and good, and yummy… I could eat them everyday. I’ve also been wanting to recreate them at home for a while now. However, tonights’ version (chicken, feta cheese and avocado… View Post

  Frankenstorm Sandy decided to visit NYC and other states last week, thus, my older sister and I left for Boston without knowing when we were going back. We packed the essentials for 7 days, just in case, and we ended staying an entire week because of the horrible effects of the storm. Thank God, some of the essentials included all the materials and ingredients to make my 23rd birthday cake. So thanks to my… View Post