My busy schedule has kept me away from the blog for a while, but I’m excited to come back with three gift guides that will introduce an entire series of holiday posts. Today’s gift guide is for her. Gift guides for him, the home and pets will follow, along with holiday decor inspiration and holiday recipes. The image is interactive, which will allow you to click a product and be redirected to the website for an easier… View Post

I guess everyone has been obsessing over tacos for quite a while now. And as I include myself on that list, I’ve been trying to make my tacos yummier every time. The last thing I’ve worked on is this amazing mango relish. Honestly, the tacos don’t need anything else, as it adds freshness and fruity flavors to the dish! Because I’m amazed myself at how this turned out, I’ve decided to share the recipe! Ingredients… View Post

As a psychology doctoral student that is currently practicing in different settings, one of the questions I often hear is; “can people really change?”. The question usually comes up with regards to children with behavior problems, partners without impulse control or bad communication skills, or their own desire to change some things about themselves they wish could be better. Although I do believe people can’t change, I do emphasize on the idea that we can… View Post

I’ve always loved the smell of fresh flowers at home, so I’m always finding myself putting them together for myself to enjoy. However, this time I went a little extra, and decided to make all the arrangements for my sister’s engagement party. I went to the flower shop, picked out a bunch of different flowers and went home to make the arrangements. I had previously purchased from Ikea all the vases, which were extremely cheap,… View Post

After getting a few tips from my sister’s boyfriend who’s a chef, I was able to make the prettiest and yummiest poached eggs for eggs benedict! I did try to make the poached eggs a few times before, but it is definitely harder than it looks. However, yesterday I was able to find all the ingredients and today was the first day making this gorgeous and yummy dish! What you need? FRESH eggs Whole Grain… View Post

On January I had the pleasure of creating for my little sister an evening gown for her friend’s wedding. I had picked out this fabric for her a few years ago, but due to time limitations and distance, I hadn’t had the opportunity to do anything with it. However, the world conspired in our favor and I was finally able to make her this versatile cocktail dress with a detachable alençon lace overskirt. Needless to… View Post