Christmas around the house!

IMG_4387Although I have to admit halloween is one of my favorite holidays, christmas has begun to take its place slowly. I love the feeling I get from decorations, the tree, the smells, christmas pjs and every other little detail that makes my home festive during this holiday! I guess it has to do with the fact that for the past 3 years I’ve had my own place to decorate to my liking. Talking about my apartment, it is neither huge nor small, and, when looking for a tree, I was hoping to find something of an appropriate size, or somewhat middle sized. However, we’ve had a shortage of everything after hurricane María, and christmas trees are as scarce as water once was. To my luck, I was able to get one, but they wouldn’t allow us to open it, which meant, guessing which one would fit best, based on how leafy or big it looked. So after looking around I got my tree and yeah, it is a huge a$$ tree. It turned out wayyyy bigger than what I expected; and, for your amusement, I was only able to decorate the front and sides of the tree because I didn’t have enough ornaments (small trees have been my go-to for the past few years). I purchased almost all ornaments from West Elm and a few of the round ornaments from Marshalls. The tree skirt and star are from West Elm as well. I’ve also finished my christmas shopping and wrapping. I bought presents for my two sisters, my mom and dad, boyfriend, my fur baby Pippa, and my boyfriends parents (the last two haven’t arrived). I purchased the gold wrapping paper from CB2 and velvet ribbon from Marshalls. Everything looks pretty cute under the tree, which to my benefit (since it is sooo big) fits to perfection given the large gap between the tree and the floor. Hope you enjoy my holiday décor and find some inspiration from it!

Happy holidays & see you on the next post! IMG_4472

Please don’t miss Fred (the elf on my shelf) on the left side of the tree!


IMG_4503 IMG_4365IMG_4540

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