DIY: Flower Arrangements

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I’ve always loved the smell of fresh flowers at home, so I’m always finding myself putting them together for myself to enjoy. However, this time I went a little extra, and decided to make all the arrangements for my sister’s engagement party. I went to the flower shop, picked out a bunch of different flowers and went home to make the arrangements. I had previously purchased from Ikea all the vases, which were extremely cheap, but looked modern and elegant. For flowers, I went for hydrangeas, baby’s breath, roses, and green dianthus (looks like a moss ball). I wanted something classic and simple, yet beautiful. Then, the best thing happened, I started to put everything together. Enjoying the process of making something is what it’s all about, and I have to admit, this has been one of the most therapeutic activities I’ve done in a while, mindfulness at its best. A few hours later I finished and ended up with pretty cute arrangements. I have still a few left everywhere around the house, because, surprisingly, the flowers are still alive. I did everything in under $150 for 17 arrangements, and was able to distract myself for quite a while. Definitely a DIY for the win!!

Flowers were from Flores y Servicios

Vases were from Ikea

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