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A very close friend recently launched his third headwear collection at the YeloSpa in San Juan, PR. I’ve been a third wheel of his journey since he kind of started, and seeing him thrive in the luxury couture market in the accessories segment has been a true honor. All the pieces are hand crafted with high end skins, fabrics, and 14k gold finishes. For this collection, Eduardo Joy (the designer) designed a collection that merged both art and fashion in a place worthy of such admiration (the spa). He collaborated with other talented artists to create custom packaging. For this collection, artists were inspired by each piece and created a globe that merged both the amazing piece with art that represented their own aesthetic. I have to say that the different perspectives from each artist was just spectacular to admire. I wish only the best to this talented entrepreneur and designer. To shop all the pieces visit Just Once 1


On the image above is Xavier Muñoz with his creation and the headwear piece designed by Eduardo Joy.


Here I am with the designer, Eduardo Joy, who’s wearing one of his pieces.


Here I am with the two artists behind the brand. Eduardo and Pedro both design and create all the pieces for Just Once.


Another art piece that became the packaging of a beautiful cap.


All the artists that collaborated with Just Once to create the custom packaging for each piece.

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