Grilled Salmon, Avocado Salad and Potatoes


“How can one make friends without exquisite dishes!  It is mainly through the table that one governs!”
Jean-Jacques Regis de Cambaceres

My best friend and I have been trying to meet up with an old high school friend for too long, but busy schedules and other circumstances didn’t let it happen. Yesterday, I saw her on my way to the pharmacy, and because my bf and I were planning to cook dinner, we decided it was the perfect time to spend time with her and catch up. We ended up making grilled salmon, an avocado and feta cheese salad, and boiled potatoes with red onion and “recao”. We paired it with a new (to us) white wine… which I can’t remember the name right now, while we discussed relationships, life, and our professions. She is a nutritionist in the making and we had quite the talk. I’m on a healthy eating and exercising regime.. so it was nice to have someone with the knowledge to guide me through the right way. It had been a long time since we last spent quality time together and it definitely reminded me of how much I love to cook for the ones I love.

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