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A few posts ago I was saying how writing a statement of purpose for my grad school application was driving me nuts, but something that has also got me thinking is the interview that comes after applying. I’ve never been fond of pantsuits for work or for interviews, so I was thinking about my options for my next interview. My last interview outfit was a pretty and conservative white dress with blush and gold ballet flats. It seems a little casual, but after researching the aesthetic of the brand I realized that I would fit in pretty great. I like easy silhouettes and effortless designs, and because I believe that been serious is not the same as ugly, I put together alternatives to the traditional pantsuit that will definitely impact your interviewer in a very positive way. As you can see they are all pants and blouses, a briefcase and classic pumps. But the accent colors and the different prints give the look a more edgy feel. They are still classic and traditional, but interpreted differently. Click here to access my Polyvore account where you can see the brands and the prices of each piece.

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