Healthy summer skin for a sexy summer glow


The coming of summer is almost synonym to constant sun exposure. Thus, protecting our skin must be a priority to keep our skin healthy and beautiful. It’s always nice to get sun kissed at the beach and flaunt our new skin tone around. But having the greatest tan in the summer might end up costing us more than it should. Below are a few tips to look your best while still managing to keep your skin super healthy.

1. SPF & moisturizer: it is important to use at least SPF 30 sun block or moisturizer regardless of your skin type or color. It should be applied to exposed areas 15-30 minutes before exposure. You should never forget your face, ears, hand and arms, which we usually tend to forget. If you are getting in the water or playing a sport, remember to always reapply. Besides, it will moisturize your skin, making it feel soft and  hydrated.

2. Healthy diet: eating the right foods will work wonders for your skin. Certain foods can improve and stimulate your complexion’s collagen growth, like foods rich in antioxidants such as: leafy green vegetables, blueberries, cantaloupe, and melons. Also eating salmon and egg whites will help nourish skin and repair damage.

3. Less makeup: keep your bag filled up with the basics. Mascara, lip gloss, concealer, and a light bronzing blush might just be enough.

5. Exercise and Hydrate: summer days might inspire you to run or walk outdoors and this might just do wonders for your skin. Just remember to keep up your fluid intake and apply your SPF or moisturizer.

6. Razors vs. Wax: hair removal is always a must in the summer, because we want to show off our legs to make up for all the months they were covered. So if you prefer to use razors, make sure to change them every week, if you prefer waxing, it’s a longer-lasting alternative and it’s a better option for your skin.

7. Exfoliate: all of those hours spent in the sun can damage your skin. Thus, remember to brush off the dead skin with an a loufah or body wash a couple of times a week.

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