10 reasons why it’s great summer’s over


1. The summer heat is coming to an end, which also means that less stinky smells will surface in the train, etc.

2. As a new school year begins, you actually feel renewed, it’s like New Years, you can start fresh once again.

3. Season of FASHION WEEKS is here, along with Fashion’s Night Out, and many other fabulous fashion events (including the September issue).

4. Summer jobs finally END.

5. You don’t have to keep stressing, swimwear season is officially OVER! You can go back to eating what you want.

6. You’ll stop feeling bad for spending too much time at home watching movies or glued to the computer. The cold climate will actually allow this to be considered a normal activity again.

7. If you are still studying, like me, then AT LAST, SUMMER CLASSES WILL BE OVER!

8. The best holidays are closer than ever. October with Halloween, (November with my birthday), November with Thanksgiving, December with Christmas, and at last THE YEAR ENDS and a new one begins.

9. TV series are back! Which allow us to engage in our favorite vegetative state… being a couch potato.

10. And finally, you’ll have a new reason to go shopping again… new fall clothing is a must to face the cold climate.

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