Puerto Rico


Two weeks is too little time to visit my not-so-small island. Although the visit was extraordinary, I would’ve love to stay more days. Thankfully, I’m going back in two weeks, and I’ll have the chance to do all those things I was not able to do during these past weeks. During my last day I went to Old San Juan, the oldest and most traditional part of the capital city. As old as it is, you can imagine it has a lot of legends. One of the legends is about the chapel in one of the photos. I’m not very good telling stories, but here it goes. The legend says that the chapel was built to honor a miracle. Around 1750 there was a horse race along the calle Del Cristo and one of the participants was unable to stop the horse and fell of the cliff. Don Tomás Mateo Prats, the secretary of the government during that time, invoked to Santo Cristo of Health and the man who fell of the cliff survived. In gratitude to Santo Cristo of Health, Don Tomás ordered the construction of the chapel. THE END! It seems that this is false. Apparently the man died and Don Tomás ordered its construction to prevent more accidents… makes sense, but we will never know!

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  1. Viviana Soto
    May 30, 2012 / 8:12 am

    bellas las fotos!

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