We live in an era where more is better. We need to maximize our time, be able to juggle more than one thing at a time… and to top it off, we expect everything to be perfect. We put so much pressure in ourselves to be able to handle too many things at once and do our best, that when things don’t go our way we act surprised and feel defeated, as if we were wired… View Post

Hi!! Today I’m sharing with you my holiday tablescape! I’ve always loved to see my table set, and usually get pretty excited to change it up a bit for each holiday. However, changes usually consist of alternating fabric napkins and napkin rings, but since I’ve decided to go all out with decorations this year, I’ve chosen to change my plates and glassware as well. I wanted to add wood chargers, but since they were too hard… View Post

Hello again! Back to the gift guide posts, today I’m sharing last minute gifts for him, pre-approved by a man himself! jejeje I’m pretty terrible at buying gifts for men!! I usually know what I want to give to someone, but with men, it’s a completely different story. It takes me a while to really know what to buy, even more when some of the men in my life either have almost everything or lean… View Post

Although I have to admit halloween is one of my favorite holidays, christmas has begun to take its place slowly. I love the feeling I get from decorations, the tree, the smells, christmas pjs and every other little detail that makes my home festive during this holiday! I guess it has to do with the fact that for the past 3 years I’ve had my own place to decorate to my liking. Talking about my… View Post

As promised, today I’m sharing with you the second post of my holiday gift guide series, this time for the home. You’ll be able to find gifts that are perfect for the home, as well as a holiday tablescape ideas for your own. One of the things I love most on this specific holiday is making my home a winter wonderland. Everything from the christmas tree, to the dinner table, and details all around the… View Post

When you’re a full-time student with no free time on your hands, eating healthy becomes a luxury. I’ve always pride myself for having a healthy lifestyle regardless of hard times and busy schedules, but I have to admit that since beginning the doctoral program 3.5 years ago, my eating habits have shifted and I’m not my best self. I exercise 2-3 days on my best week and maybe eat 2-3 healthy meals a week. This… View Post